Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sex Education

Recently the press has given a lot of coverage to some research that purports to show that abstinence programmes in schools don't reduce teenage pregnancies. The research itself is open to question but what's really interesting is what isn't mentioned. If abstinence programmes don't work then they are on a par with sex-ed programmes which don't work either - but are very lucrative for those behind them.
For a thoughtful reflection take a look at this article.

Monday, April 30, 2007

The Dawkins Delusion

Fr Philip Miller spoke to the 18-30 group, Forum Christi, last night on "The Dawkins Delusion". The talk was a critique of Richard Dawkins' recent book "The God Delusion", where Dawkins argues against the concept of God, and religion. Fr Philip is well placed to speak on this topic having himself a science background - he studied physics at Cambridge, and then completed a doctorate in astronomy (not, as Fr Marcus stated, astrology!).
The talk began with a list of the points where we could agree with Dawkins, for example disagreeing with fundamentalism and a literal interpretation of scripture (rather than an interpretation, in context, by the faith community). This was followed by a discussion of areas where we would disagree with the book, for example Dawkins alleges that faith is blind following without, or even against, evidence and without the need for thought.
The talk was followed by lively discussion, and the evening ended with a decade of the rosary and Theology on Tap at the Nightingale.