Monday, February 07, 2011

T3: Take on the challenge...

...of the Great Egg Drop at last Friday's session. The idea was to create a container which would support an egg and prevent it from smashing when dropped from a height of 8ft. Limited materials were supplied and the groups did exceptionally well! No crack in sight...

Come and join us each Friday (7pm - 9pm) as we continue with the T3 series (it's not too late to come along!!). Each week we have dinner followed by a fun team activity, then we watch the following chapter of the Teen Timeline and round up with a time of prayer!

Friday 18th February will take a different format as we will have a special viewing of The Human Experience with popcorn, ice-cream... the works. I'd suggest having a meal beforehand!

Check out the trailer:

Contact laura@hgbalham for any questions you may have!